148 Tips for Life

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Penulis:Desi Anwar | 
Rencana Terbit:18 Juli 2016 
Jenis Cover:Soft Cover 
Ukuran:135 x 200 mm 
Berat:400 gram 

Living a healthy, productive and balanced life is easier
said than done. Although our common sense can
normally guide us on what to do when it comes to taking
care of ourselves, often we don’t pay attention to our
inner wisdom, or even worse, does the opposite to what
it tells us. For example, we know that eating healthy,
doing physical exercises and making sure we get proper
rest are essential to our well-being. However, habit,
convenience or just sheer lack of discipline often lead us
on the wrong path. And we pay attention to where we’re
heading, only when illnesses and diseases overtake us.

Tips for Life are everyday wisdoms for busy people
who can benefi t from having daily reminders about how
to make their life easier, their bodies fi tter, their mind
clearer and their spirit brighter.

First published as Tweets for Life, a series of tweets on
Twitter by Senior Anchor and TV host, Desi Anwar, Tips
for Life consists of 148 short, easy to remember tips in
an attractive book form. This book is a handy companion
to put in your bag or next to the bed, and will help you
with how to deal with as well as giv e solutions to your
everyday problems. 
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