Being Indonesian

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Harga:Rp185,000 / Rp157,250 (15% Off) 
Penulis:Desi Anwar | 
Rencana Terbit:03 Oktober 2016 
Jenis Cover:Soft Cover 
Ukuran:135 x 200 mm 
Berat:600 gram 

“Reading Desi Anwar’s collection of essays, we not only feel the pain, agony and frustration, but also the joy, laughter and hope of a country and its people struggling to make the transition to a nascent and vibrant democracy.”
Endy M Bayuni, Editor-in-Chief, The Jakarta Post

Being Indonesian is a collection of Indonesia’s Senior Journalist and TV
personality Desi Anwar’s columns published between the years 1997 and
2007. The essays trace the journey of Indonesia during that historic and
tumultuous decade as the country went through a difficult economic
crisis beginning in 1997 that led to chaos and violence culminating in the
fall of the New Order Regime under President Soeharto in 1998.

The moment also saw the birth of the Reform movement, Reformasi,
paving the way for democracy and press freedom in this largest country
in South East Asia. From the culture of fear, censorship and repression, to
the emergence of social, economic and political dissatisfactions resulting
in reforms and democracy as Indonesia embraced the millennium, Desi
recorded the events through her unique perspective as a prominent TV
News Anchor with a front seat to the ring of history, in articles that were
both insightful and critical. Desi also observed how the country and how
lives for Indonesians were transformed following the new found press
and political freedom, while at the same time noting only too well how
many of the problems facing this young and developing nation continue
to persist until today.
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