There Are Tears In Things - Collected Poems and Prose (2001-2016)

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Harga:Rp138,000 / Rp117,300 (15% Off) 
Penulis:Laksmi Pamuntjak | 
Rencana Terbit:07 Nopember 2016 
Jenis Cover:Soft Cover 
Ukuran:140 x 210 mm 
Berat:500 gram 

“What a pleasure to see Laksmi Pamuntjak’s poems and prose texts in one generous volume that bears witness to her versatility and dexterity in both those genres, long before her name became internationally known for her splendid fi rst novel. Her multivocal stories intertwine with the lush, layered textures of art and music, and her elliptical, deft poems observe with a clear eye the cityscapes of our own restless lives, whether in Jakarta or London, New York or Berlin.”
—Aamer Hussein, author of Another Gulmohar Tree, The Cloud Messenger, Insomnia

“It is clear from her beautiful poetry and prose that Laksmi Pamuntjak knows the human heart has many chambers (who cares what doctors think!) and that love, desire and longing is never so easy and simple as to occupy only one room in the hotel of our hearts. This staggering collection is both delicate and dangerous, forceful and faultless. She draws back the curtains on the aching complexities of vulnerability; all you have to do is enter.”
—Sean M. Whelan, author of Tatooing the Surface of the Moon
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